Chrissy Williams

Robot Unicorn Attack

(a love poem for a videogame)

Possibility bursts like a horse
full of light, accelerating
into a star. Explosion. Hit
<X> to make your dreams
crash into stone. Death.
Diatonic chimes of joy.
I want to be with you.
Let dolphins fly in time.
Swim through air, leap
past sense, past sin and then
hit <Z> to chase your dreams
again. Always. Harmony. Up,
smash goes the rainbow-trailing
heart again. Again. Again, again!
I want to be with you when
make-believe is possible.
I want to be with you when
robot unicorns never cry, hit
stars collapse in quiet love.
When there is only love.
Harmony. No shame.

From Chrissy Williams’ debut collection BEAR (Bloodaxe Books, 2017). Click here for further details. Chrissy Williams reads with Ian Duhig, Roy McFarlane and Zena Edwards at The Civic, Barnsley, on Wednesday 24 May. Click here for further information about the event; you can book tickets through the Civic box office here.